The way to look a this is to think of a home visit being like a consultation in the Vet Clinic or hospital consulting room.  Most of what can be done there I can do in your home. This includes examinations, minor tests, collecting samples eg blood, treatments like giving injections and prescribing medications.

In some cases, there may be a need for examinations under anaesthesia, a period of extended medical care in hospital or the need for surgery. 

In this case, I can transport your pet to my base hospital which is Swanbourne Vet Centre, where I will perform the procedures myself. At the end of the procedure, I will return your pet to you at the appropriate time with home care instructions and medications as needed. This usually results in less pre and post-surgical time spent by your pet, thereby reducing stress.

What is a Home Call or Mobile Vet?

Is it a good idea?

What are the benefits?